iPong Original

iPong Original


iPong is the affordable, portable table tennis practice partner that plays with you tirelessly. Set your own pace with this attractive centerpiece, from a casual to blistering ball-feed and give yourself a world-class workout.

No more waiting for a practice partner! More like a live opponent rather than a 'playback feature,' iPong can continuously shoot more than 100 40mm balls before reloading. Use the wired remote to adjust for backspin, topspin, or heavy topspin balls without having to leave your side of the table!

To sweeten the appeal, this sleek robot assembles in seconds with only three essential pieces to put together! No tools or equipment necessary. Simply snap in the pieces, plug in the power, and enjoy your iPong!



01BE IN CONTROL: Use the wired remote to adjust power and spin

02CHOOSE YOUR SPIN: Practice returning infinite variations of backspin and topspin

03SET YOUR OWN PACE: Challenge  yourself and increase the frequency of balls per minutes as you improve






iPong Original Product Overview: Click to play


iPong Original Demo: Click to play



Trouble viewing the video? Download it here.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable Frequency (balls/minutes)
  • Ball Capacity: 100+ (40mm balls only)
  • Net Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Spin: Underspin, Topspin, Heavy Topspin
  • Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9'x5')
  • Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes: iPong® Robot, Remote Control, A/C adapter, Setup & Instruction manual
    Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz   0.6A
    Output: 9V   2.0A
  • Designed in USA, Made in China

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