iPong Expert
Need a table tennis practice partner? The iPong expert is, without a doubt, the simplest way to begin fun, solo, table tennis practice. There are zero controls to learn. Just hit the ON/OFF switch to start. Set it. Load it. And play.
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iPong Topspin
Learn table tennis the right way with the iPong Topspin! This robot is ideal for beginners and anyone looking to hit against a consistent shot. Fitting to its name, the iPong Topspin shoots out customizable topspin balls so that you can master your table tennis skills.
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iPong Original
iPong is the affordable, portable table tennis practice partner that plays with you tirelessly. Set your own pace with this attractive centerpiece, from a casual to blistering ball-feed and give yourself a world-class workout.
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iPong Pro
The iPong Pro combines everything you love about the original iPong with a new and exciting oscillation feature! This quality table tennis practice partner comes in a radiant red color and provides a world-class workout.
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iPong v300
Solo table tennis training …Uncompromised. Unparalleled. Untangled. Continuing with a two-wheel design that offers a natural ball trajectory, the iPong V300 has all the great features of the iPong Pro – the ability to shoot balls from side-to-side on the table…and adding to it's hallmarks, a wireless remote to control all functions!
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